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  • Wide Solid Softwood Flooring

    Internal Timber Solid Softwood  Flooring

    We supply in bulk solid softwood flooring (floorboards)  with options of factory painting including some speciality sections thick and wide in spruce whitewood as 40x245mm wide; 28×145 in Siberian Larch, Redwood Pine (red deal) and spruce whitewood. Solid wood flooring has been used extensively in the UK and Ireland; it is the most used type of internal floorboards. Examples of the profiles are included below in various dimensions.

    Wide Solid Softwood Flooring Puidukoda

    Wide Solid Softwood Flooring Puidukoda


    Wide Solid Softwood Flooring PuidukodaWide Solid Softwood Flooring Puidukoda

    Wide Solid Softwood Flooring Puidukoda






    We are proud to be able to supply a slow grown quality softwood flooring board in tongue and groove. We supply to the Trades, Joinery, Timber Merchant Stockists, Timber Importers, Builders Merchants Distributors, Landscapers, DIY Chains and Construction Sectors. We also flooring products with an internal finish coating as illustrated below and we also help with the specification.

    We are happy to help Architects, designers specifiers in the board selections and samples for the various softwood flooring / (floorboards) and specification. See examples of flooring product specification information;- Wide and thick flooring whitewood 40x245mm;  Siberian Larch 28x145mm; Redwood Pine 28x145mm and Whitewood Spruce 28x145mm.

    Our internal flooring is CE marked to BS EN 14342:2013 and special kiln dried to suit internal applications, e.g. 10% or 16% MC. Softwood is a preferred option as it can be readily finished with various oils, waxes etc., it also has the very traditional look. Our timber is considered a better quality to homegrown species as our timber is slow grown sourced from Russia, Nordic and Scandinavia regions. It is all FSC Certified The special moisture content of 10% MC is mainly offered for the very wide flooring boards. These are all tongue, and Grooved TG profile and the wider boards have relief grooves to the back. The boards can be supplied with sharp square shoulders or with small micro bevels on the long edges. We supply standard internal floorboards and some speciality sizes in 40×245, 28×145; we also supply Siberian larch at 18% MC for internal application in 28×145. We also do square edge boards, planed square, DAR. We can offer options of factory finishing the boards, but the bulk of the flooring boards are supplied unfinished in bundles and packs. The softwood flooring tends to give a character, rustic, knotty look. It is essential to refer to standards such as BS 8201:2011 Code of practice for installation of flooring of wood and wood-based panels and our installation guide moreover Grading rules.

    Please visit our product videos page for more information on timber cladding, flooring, decking, mouldings/profiles, fire treatment –  product, manufacture and installation information.

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