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  • Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    C24 Roofing Timber C24 Graded Joists Structural Stress load-bearing wood Bulk Wholesale supplier

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    Siberian Larch Cladding Puidukoda UK Ireland

    Puidukoda is a leading wholesale, bulk timber distributor.We provide information and knowledge on various construction and joinery timber products e.g softwood timber cladding, flooring, decking, machined profiles PSE, PAR, PAO, C24 strength/ stress Graded Timber joists with various options in finishes such as finished/painted, fire retardant treated timber cladding and unpainted (natural).As part of this is we help with technical support and specifications to help our clients with their projects or stock requirements. Examples of projects we have been involved are included in – Timber Cladding Projects GalleryTimber Decking Projects Gallery, Strength Graded Timber C24 Gallery.

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    Exterior Cladding Puidukoda

    Please visit our product videos page for more information on timber cladding, flooring, decking, mouldings/profiles, fire treatment –  product, manufacture and installation information.

    The timber species we supply include Siberian larch as known as Russian Larch, Redwood also known as Scots Pine or Red Deal and Whitewood also known as Spruce all that is from sustainable and legal sources and FSC Certified CoC.

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    Timber Technical Specification Support (offsite modular DFMA) Puidukoda


    We believe in the complete sales function we offer support to a number of clients e.g building owners, architects, consultants, builders, merchants, importers, offsite modular, prefabricated timber construction and contractors if required to share knowledge. We supply and support customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    Puidukoda Rebated Black Painted Featheredge Essex Barn Cladding UYL Bevel


    There are many variables and options available for timber cladding, decking, flooring, mouldings etc.We always recommended getting us involved as your supplier partner in the early stages of the project. Puidukoda can help with the specification of our timber cladding, timber decking, flooring products etc. We provide specification support as a free service, and we always help with alternative products to suit your application.

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    Timber Wall Cladding

    Puidukoda or one of its supply partners provide site visits, meetings, training, product demonstrations, presentations to look at cladding requirements for Architects and Specifiers including RIBA Royal Institute Of British Architects and BALI British Association of Landscape Industries members.

    It is important to involve us to ensure there are no disputes on quality, installation, product selection- many changes or alterations tend to happen throughout the procurement process from – product selection, specification, supply delivery and installation. Throughout this process, significant specification or product changes can occur which may turn out to be very inconveniencing and costly for various partners or clients. We will guide clients through the process to avoid any inconveniences.

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    Thick Wide Softwood Flooring Puidukoda UK IE

    With the emergence of offsite, modular, pre-fabricated construction we find our service very useful to save on waste and construction times when using our timber products. This is to help with Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).

    Below is an example of the content that we review with our customers. The detail considered below is for timber cladding both internal and external Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukodaapplications. Our customers in the supply chain include Building owner, Architect, Consultant, Builder, Contractor.



    Timber Specification,

    • Durability
    • Movement characteristics
    • Quality
    • Moisture content
    • Strength
    • Extractive content

    Environmental and Sustainability specification Certification and Chain of Custody (CoC)

    Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

    Forest Certification FSC PEFC Timber Puidukoda UK IE

    Timber Treatments and Finishes Cladding Specification

    Z12 Preservative/ fire retardant treatment


    Z12 Preservative/ fire retardant treatment


    K20 Timber board flooring/ sarking/ linings/ casings

    M60 Painting/ clear finishing


    Intumescent fire retardant coatings if required

    • Preservative pre-treatment
    • Wood Modification
    • Surface Coatings/ oils, lacquers, vanishes
    • Wood burning, charring, Shou sugi ban
    • Flame retardant treatment, fire resistance and intumescent coatings ( Pressure Arch Lonza, Koopers PTG Treatments Non-Com Dricon Fire X Fire Pro Euro Class B Euro Class C)

    Fixings and fittings Timber Cladding Specification

    H21 Timber weatherboarding /rainscreen/ siding/lining, facade



    • Timber Battens
    • Nails
    • Screws
    • Clips
    • Secret fix / hidden fix systems
    • Insect Mesh
    • Cavity

    Detail Design Timber Cladding Specification

    • Boarding, weatherboard, façade, lining, rainscreen – Horizontal or vertical cladding layout orientation

    Cladding profile  Specification

    • PTGV, Planed Tongue and Groove V Joint, PMV, T&G
      Timber Cladding, Decking, Flooring, C24 Technical Support Specification Help Puidukoda

      Puidukoda UK IE painted Cladding translucent semi-transparent cladding

    • Shiplap, scallop
    • Featheredge
    • Half-lap
    • Rebate
    • Loglap
    • Barn profile
    • Bevelled, tapered
    • Rhombus, rainscreen
    • Microline Channel
    • Shadow Gap
    • Bead and butt
    • Planed Square Edge, PAO, DAR, PAR, S4S, PSE, trim

    Cladding Trims (trimmings), Corners, angles, skirtings, cills/sill and reveals

    • Corners Internal and External ( solid / 2 part)

    Cladding Delivery (lead times), Handling and Storage  specification

    Timber Cladding Board length specification

    • Specific lengths crosscut to length
    • Random good spread to cut with least minimum waste

    Timber Cladding installation specification

    • Board orientation
    • Gap between boards
    • Expansion gap
    • Clearance above ground
    • Ventilation
    • Fixings
    • Coatings and finishes

    Preservative Treatments

    We can offer various preservative treatments, e.g. against biological decay (wood-destroying organisms such as insects and fungi) or against fire. The most substantial form of treatment we supply is against biological attack this treatment is based on the durability of the timber used and an assessment of the risk of decay or insect attack.

    Not all softwood timbers used in timber frame construction that are slightly durable ( durability  Class 4) and not durable (durability class 5) need to be biological treated (tantalised).

    Treatment / treated timber is essential for:

    • Sole plates
    • Any timber resting on the damp proof course
    • Timber cavity barriers in external cavity walls
    • Timber in cold design flat roofs
    • Cladding / boarding fixing battens
    • Tiling battens
    • Timber cladding depending on applications

    The below is recommended for insurance purposes

    • Joists in suspended timber ground floors
    • Loadbearing timber external wall frames

    It is important to note that the Building Regulations (Regs) in England and Wales require all softwood roof timbers in specific areas of England to be treated against attack by the house longhorn beetle.

    Biological preservative treatment is commonly known as tantalised timber (wood-destroying organisms such as insects and fungi) , e.g. Vacuum Pressure Treatment with various waterborne timber preservatives, e.g. based on the copper triazole technology, include ( Tanalised) Tanalith C, Tanatone, Tanasote, Shades, Tanalith Creol, Tanalith BARamine, MicroPro Micronised Copper, Microshades, Wolsit®, Wolmanit Celcure AC500, Micropro, Aquatan, Tanalith Extra and Low-pressure treatments include Vacsol Resistol, Protim ( from manufacturers such as Arch Lonza, Osmose Koppers, BASF Woolman. Treated to the following;-

    Chrome and Arsenic FREE, environmentally friendly treatment for Decking, Cladding/boarding and Construction timber.

    In the UK some organisations are concerned with the performance of treated timber normally based on British timber treatment/durability Standards and have specific treatment requirements either for regulatory reasons or warranty conditions these include;-

    • UK Building Regulations
    • National House Building Council (NHBC)
    • Highways England
    • BT/Openreach
    • Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Companies/National Grid
    • National Highway Sector Scheme (NHSS)

    Available in treatment classes according to EN351-1 (European Safety Standard) and CTB-P+ (FCBA) :

    • Use Class 2 (UC2)
    • Use Class 3 (UC3)
    • Use Class 4 (UC4)

    Available in treatment classes according to Nordic NTR standard :

    • NTR-AB.
    • NTR-A.

    The Service life of pressure treated timber is from 15 up to 30 years depending on the treatment class.

    Available in Green and Brown colour.

    It is essential to ensure any treated timber that is cut, trimmed, notched out, drilled etc after pressure treatment, you need to retreat the cut sections with an appropriate preservative

    Surface Spread of Flame Fire Retardant  /(Resistant treatment)

    In instances where fire reaction to fire ( Fire resistance) is required, this can be supplied as an extra over option depending on the quantity, prefered product and end-use, e.g. internal and external application. For Example, fire treated cladding will need to confirm to the appropriate standard in Europe mainly to the European Harmonised British Standard – BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009

    Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests, Timber will need to meet the appropriate class, e.g. Class B or Class C or (Class D assumed most timber in the natural form)

    Alternatively, in some areas BS 476-7:1997 Fire tests on building materials and structures. Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products for fire classification Euro Class 1 or 0 – part 6 and 7

    Some products are available on the market, e.g. Arch Chemicals Lonza – Non-Com,  Dricon or Osmose Koopers Fire X Fire Pro PTG Treatments Sentrin FRI and FRX

    Other products fire retardant/resistance, e.g. Intumescent coatings can be supplied, but further information is required Fire Teknos Safe, Xero Fire, Envirograf, S92, intumescent fire protection coatings,to ensure compatibility and suitability of intended application. We are Certified to supply fire retardant treated timber cladding.


    In summary;

    We are ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certified and in a strong position of a leading specialist large-scale softwood machined quality timber products supplier. The species we supply include Siberian Larch, Redwood Pine/ Red Deal, Whitewood Spruce all from sustainable sources either FSC or PEFC Certified.Puidukoda UK and Ireland deliver throughout the United Kingdom covering England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, British Isles and Ireland.The solid timber product range we supply includes; fire retardant claddings (to Euro Class B or Euro Class C), painted cladding; treated and untreated or painted decking.We also supply planed or profiled joinery timber mouldings PAR, PSE, DAR, POA; Stress Strength graded construction premium timber C24 joists, Natural, waxed, painted or oiled softwood flooring as planed square edge or Tongue and  Groove (T&G; TGV).We are serving builders’ merchants, timber merchants, garden building and shed manufacturers, offsite, timber frame, modular, DIY Chains/ Shops, construction, Government and joinery sectors. Working closely with various specialities, e.g. Architects, Specifiers, designers for both building and landscaping.

    If you want to work with a leading large softwood timber supplier or get a partnership, supply programs in place please contact us ASAP.