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  • Softwood Timber Decking

    Softwood Timber Decking Puidukoda

    Treated Redwood Timber Decking Treated Puidukoda

    Softwood Timber Decking Puidukoda

    Puidukoda Softwood Decking


    Puidukoda supplies Softwood Timber Decking in Treated Softwood  Redwood Pine, Whitewood Spruce and Siberian Larch naturally Durable.Our decking products can be supplied factory painted, oiled treated in various tones and shades as illustrated below. We supply to wholesalers, distributors, importers,  timber merchants, builders merchants, modular construction companies, joinery firms etc. We have seen a rise in demand for naturally durable Siberian larch factory finished this has become very popular in the UK and Ireland.









    We supply packs or full loads of timber decking throughout the UK and Ireland machined to standard or bespoke profiles including treatments. Speak to us about your requirements, we can arrange samples or information if required.

    Siberian is popular as it does not need to be preservative treated for decking or cladding applications as it is naturally durable.

    Timber decking will continue to be the most popular type of natural decking to enhance the look for your terrace rooftop, floating,  garden – ground level etc. as it is a durable, sustainable product that comes in different shapes and sizes to suit every budget. Despite the increase of competing products like modified timber, hardwoods, Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) Softwood decking is still the most common type of decking.

    Softwood Timber Decking Puidukoda

    Brown treated softwood decking Puidukoda UK Ireland

    The other benefits of timber decking include;

    • increased living social space,
    • quick and easy to install,
    • it is a sustainable method of construction if you use FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified timber,
    • increases the value of the property,
    • can offer different types of profiles to suit different landscapes,
    • softwood decking is comparatively cheaper than most types of decking,
    • well designed and treated decking has a long services life as a minimum 15years.

    We supply a wide range of decking of softwood decking products untreated and treated.Treated decking can either be treated with a green or brown pigment and we can also arrange for a wax additive as a water repellent. We can always manufacture decking profiles to match any particular standard profiles such as anti-slip inserts, enhanced slip resistant / enhanced grip, decking, smooth, reversible, ribbed, reeded castellated etc

    Below is a list of the standard, typical decking profiles, we machine a large number of profiles to order based on a drawing or sample please let us know if you are matching or need a bespoke pattern for stock. Please download our main product and Siberian larch brochures for detailed information on our decking products.

    Please visit our product videos page for more information on timber cladding, flooring, decking, mouldings/profiles, fire treatment –  product, manufacture and installation information.

    Puiduloda SUNDECK_A4_ENG_parand_2

    Siberian Larch Decking and Cladding Painted Sikkens Puidukoda UK Ireland
    The primary species we provide include Siberian Larch, Redwood and Whitewood below is a list of sizes we supply.

    Nom. Nominal Size Metric in mm Nom. Nominal Size Imperial in inches (“) Fin. Finished Size Metric in mm Species

    WW = Whitewood, Spruce

    RW = Redwood, Pine

    LH = Siberian Larch

    Certification Chain of Custody (CoC)



    Number of Pieces in  a bulk pack Delivery Urgent/Prompt or

    To order for preservative treatment

    25x100mm 4×1 15x95mm WW & RW FSC To order
    25x125mm 5×1 21x120mm WW & RW FSC To order


    6×1 21x145mm WW & RW LH FSC 245 To order
    32x100mm 4×1 ¼ 28x95mm WW & RW FSC 275 Prompt
    32x125mm 5×1 ¼ 28x120mm WW & RW FSC 225 Prompt


    6×1 ¼ 28x145mm WW RW & LH FSC 175 Prompt
    38x100mm 4×1 ½ 33x95mm WW & RW FSC 242 To order
    Softwood Timber Decking Puidukoda

    Treated softwood decking Puidukoda UK Ireland