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  • Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CE Marked Timber Products 305/2011

    Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CE Marked Timber Products 305/2011 Puidukoda

    CE Mark Timber Products Decking Cladding Joists Graded Timber Flooring

    We ensure that our products meet International and British Standards and that they adhere to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) Regulation number  305/2011. The level of safety risk determines the AVCP level of any product used in Construction provided that a Harmonised Standard is available.

    High-risk products that require 3rd party verification include Strength Graded Timber / Joists  / CLS Carcassing and Fire Retardant treated products where we declare enhanced fire performance e.g Euro Class B or Euro Class B. Our non fire retardant treated Timber Cladding and Flooring are CE Marked as self-declarations given below.

    High-risk products e.g joists, beams and fire retardant treated claddings require a notified independent third party approval copies of the products we supply available to download from our Certifications downloads section CE Marking helps remove technical barriers to trade in the EU.

    The CE Marked or Graded Products include;-

    · BSEN 4978:2007 + A1:2011 and  BS EN 14081-1:2016 Timber structures. Strength graded structural timber with the rectangular cross-section. General requirements for High-Quality C24 strength graded timber joists/(carcassing)  Structural Timber  Planed regularised and treated if required.

    Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CE Marked Timber Products 305/2011 Puidukoda

    C24 Structural Stress Graded Construction Timber, Joists

    Puidukoda C24 Strength Graded Timber Joist Certificate
    DOP no 1_14081-1 2005 structural timber_ENG_27.01.16• BSEN 4978:2007 + A1:2011 and BS EN 14081-1:2016

    BS EN 14342:2013

    ·         BS EN 14342:2013 Wood flooring and parquet. Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking for internal flooring for our interior softwood flooring, e.g. tongue and groove PTGV, T&G Softwood

    DOP no 3 Flooring EN 14342 2013_ENG
    Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CE Marked Timber Products 305/2011 Puidukoda

    Pine HLL 28×145 CE Marked Softwood Flooring


    BS EN 14915: 2013

    • BS EN 14915: 2013 Solid wood panelling and cladding,  for both internal and external cladding including primed, pre-painted and not prefinished.
      Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CE Marked Timber Products 305/2011 Puidukoda

      Painted Ebony painted Siberian Larch Cladding



    Construction Products Regulation (CPR) CE Marked Timber Products 305/2011 Puidukoda

    LH UTV 21×145 external larch cladding profile

    Puidukoda Fire Retardant Painted Timber Cladding

    EU Construction Products Regulation

    The CPR includes requirements for construction product to have CE marking and to be accompanied by a declaration of performance (DoP) and other information if it is to be placed on the market in the European Economic Area and it is covered by

    • a harmonised European product standard


    • a European Technical Assessment (These are used by manufacturers of products which are not covered by a harmonised European standard but who still wish their products to be CE marked.)

    The European Commission provides the text of the Regulation, the Delegated Acts including those which amended its Annexes, information including FAQs, and a list of the harmonised European product standards on the European Commission’s Europa website.

    A construction product cannot be CE marked under the EUCPR unless it is covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or, otherwise, the manufacturer has had a European Technical Assessment drawn up for it.

    The manufacturer of a product that is not covered or not fully covered by a harmonised European product standard (some innovative products, for example) can apply for a European Technical Assessment as a route to CE marking. European Technical Assessments are based on European Assessment Documents (EAD). Both of these documents are prepared by Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs).

    CE marking construction products

    The CPR requires manufacturers of products covered by a harmonised standard and manufacturers who have obtained a European Technical Assessment for their product, to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP). These manufacturers are required to take on the responsibility for the assessment of their products and for the conformity of their products with the declared performances [these are shown in the declaration of performance]. They also need to show that they have done this by providing CE marking, unless a derogation under Article 5 is applied.

    There is no need for manufacturers to declare performance for every individual characteristic of a construction product. They do need to include provisions (ie regulations or technical rules) in relation to the intended use or uses of the product in the Member States where they are looking to market it.

    To ensure accuracy and reliability the performance of construction products there is a system of applying a system of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP). The harmonised product standards and European Assessment Documents are available on the European Commission’s NANDO-CPR website.

    UK manufacturers can apply to any notified body in the EU and then once they the necessary certification their products can be sold anywhere in the EU. A list is available on the European Commission’s NANDO-CPR website.

    Following an appropriate assessment, the notified body will issue relevant certification allowing manufacturers to produce a DoP, CE mark their products and put them on the market in the EU.