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  • Fire Retardant Treated Timber Cladding Supplier

    Fire Retardant Treated Timber Cladding Supplier Puidukoda

    Pre-Painted and Fire Retardant Timber Cladding Supplier

    Puidukoda supplies a complete fire retardant treated product i.e the timber

    Fire Retardant Treated Timber Cladding Supplier Puidukoda

    Flame Retardant Timber Cladding Resistance weatherboarding

    cladding and the fire treatment in our factory and can issue fire treatment Certificates for timber cladding.

    Amongst the large selection of softwood products (Planed All round, flooring, claddings, decking etc), we supply to wholesalers, merchants, distributors etc.We supply factory finished, pre-finished, painted, fire retardant timber cladding (siding, weatherboarding, rainscreen or lining). This includes internal and external wall cladding with fire retardant paint, intumescent paint for wood cladding.

    Puidukoda is one of the very few specialist and large companies that can legally claim to manufacture and supply factory finished, painted fire retardant timber cladding  (enhanced fire protection on timber cladding), e.g. to Euro Class B or Euro Class C in the UK, Ireland and  Europe as required by Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and Trading Standard Associations.

    Fire Retardant Treated Timber Cladding Supplier Puidukoda

    Our factory production systems processes and products have been inspected and tested by an independent Notified Body for our competence to process and handle factory finished-  painted fire retardant/flame protected timber cladding ( the list on NANDO notified bodies is available from).

    We have total control of the production process and our customers are confident as everything is under our organisations’ control.This reduces concerns involving a third party to carry out the fire retardant or spread of flame treatments.We can manage the lead times and quality control throughout the process.

    Fire Retardant Treated Timber Cladding Supplier PuidukodaOur fire retardant treatment process for timber cladding is not only limited to Bulk, wholesale, Importers, Merchants, Distributor customers or projects.We can cater for a wide range of special bespoke timber cladding projects or requirements (Modular Timber buildings e.g for schools, Timber Frame, Construction, Joinery, Garden buildings, Stables, Workshops, Shelters, Offsite, Shed, Wooden, Barn, Garages, Agricultural, Equestrian and log cabin manufacturers).

    Puidukoda is Independently Certified to conform to the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 (the Construction Products Regulation or CPR). This as given in the European Harmonised CE Marking Standard EN 14915:2013BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests.

    Having the CERTIFICATE OF CONSTANCY OF PERFORMANCE makes us one of the very few Organisations throughout UK and  Europe to be able to offer approved fire retardant coated/painted timber cladding products. We have undergone thorough assessments to be able to achieve the certification through a Notified European NANDO organisation.

    Euroclass Classifications are done in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 (Fire classification of construction products and

    Fire Retardant Treated Timber Cladding Supplier Puidukoda

    External Painted Timber Cladding Puidukoda UK IE

    building elements). The thresholds for compliance in relation to the above SBI criteria are higher for Euroclass B than for Euroclass C, If timber cladding fire performance/ retardancy conforms to Euroclass B then it also conforms to Euroclass C. In England and Wales, the fire requirements for buildings are dealt with by Approved Document Part B to the Building Regulations – Class 0 and Class 1.  Euroclass B transposes to Class O, and Euroclass C transposes to Class 1.

    Puidukoda will help you with the specification to understand the flame resistance, flame protection and flame resistance of the various timber claddings. We support Architects, Designers, Planners, Specifiers etc helping with the due diligence when, specifying, selecting and buying fire retardant timber cladding. Visit cladding projects gallery showcasing some of the cladding projects we have been involved in including the Timber Cladding Product literature downloads and Timber cladding profiles gallery.

    Please visit our product videos page for more production, product and installation information

    Please contact us for more information to give you assurance and peace of mind on working with our fire retardant timber cladding.

    Puidukoda Fire Retardant Coating Timber Cladding
    Timber Cladding Fire Treatment Certificate