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    Puidukoda UK  Ireland is a leading bulk or wholesale supplier of machined and processed solid sustainable softwood timber serving the United Kingdom and Irish customers. The timber we supply is manufactured in our sawmills and is FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody Certified.

    The main part of our business is supplying large quantities of softwood timber which tends to be on long-term supply contracts to timber merchants, timber construction companies, and DIY Chains.

    About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

    About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

    Exterior Painted Timber Cladding Puidukoda UK Ireland

    As a leading timber supplier, we mainly supply softwood in Siberian Larch, Whitewood spruce, and Redwood pine. The timber patterns, profiles or mouldings we supply include planed square edge smooth, decking, flooring, cladding and C24 strength graded timber.

    Included in our product ranges we supply large quantities of primed, painted, fully finished or prefinished cladding and profiles crosscut and packaged.

    We are one of the few  Timber Cladding Producers and Suppliers that are Certified and can legally supply certified fire retardant finished timber cladding to conform to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in the UK or Europe.


    If you source, use or supply fire retardant timber cladding you need to ensure that you use a Certificated Fire Retardant timber cladding supplier like ourselves.

    About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

    Thick Wide Softwood Flooring Puidukoda UK IE

    Puidukoda holds large volumes of stock for customers in the UK in Harwich or Liverpool and for Ireland in Dublin or Sligo all for quick and urgent deliveries. Our organisation is ISO 9001 Quality Managment Standard  Certified and a copy of our Certification is available to download.

     Why choose us as your leading timber supplier;-

    • We are in a position to offer competitive prices due to our extensive selection of timber stocks and automated timber production/process systems which allow us to produce large volumes of timber profiles-  as a guide we manufacture approximately 181 818 linear meters (181km; appx 112miles) of timber mouldings daily. This makes us a large-scale manufacturer and supplier of timber.
    • About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

    • We can manufacture different timber profiles with different finishes for example painted, primed, oiled, waxed or coated including the facility to offer crosscut, bundled, end matched, shrink-wrapped and packaged in personalised customer branding. This packing is ideal for DIY Stores/Chains, Garden Centres, Timber Merchants and Builders Merchants.
    • We hold full Certification for fire retardant timber claddings audited by a regulated laboratory as required by law in the CPR  (Construction Products Regulation) and not many companies hold this certification.



    • About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

      Graded C24 Structural Stress Graded Premium Timber Joists

      We hold a large volume of machined timber stocks at our distribution warehouses for prompt deliveries throughout the UK and Ireland. Alternatively, we can deliver from our factory standard stock items in appx 10-15 working days in full or half loads.


    • Relationships are very important we can arrange long-term partnerships and for call-off orders or contracts for delivery to different branches or depots.



    • We have a dedicated, knowledgeable Customer Service Team covering the United Kingdom and Ireland which is experienced to work with Merchant, Construction (Architects, Designers), Offsite, Modular, Joinery, Landscaping, DIY Customers.


    • Puidukoda is ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certified, to show our commitment to being a leader of manufactured consistent quality timber profiles, patterns, mouldings etc. Certification ensures we adhere to strict procedures and quality specification requirements this endorses us  as a leading timber supplier.


    • We ensure that our products meet International, European and British Standards, e.g. with adherence to the Construction Products Regulation CPR Regulation number 305/2011- through   CE Marking. Timber flooring products are CE Marked to BS EN 14342:2013, Timber Cladding products to BS EN 14915: 2013 and all our planed regularised Strength Graded timber / carcassing is C24 to BS EN 14081-1:2016
    • About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

      Rustic Painted Cladding Display (showing various colours available in the rustic range)

      We can arrange for fire treated timber based on reaction to fire tests either to the European Harmonised Standard BS EN 13501-1 which is based on a combination of tests, i.e EN13823:2002 single burning test ( big fire test)

      About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

      Flame Retardant Timber Cladding Resistance weatherboarding

      and EN11925-2: 2002 Ignitability. Commonly known as fire retardant treatment (fire resistance ?). We supply factory finished coatings which can be opaque (solid), semi-transparent and translucent (clear) for internal claddings or opaque for external applications. On request we can offer in the form of pressure impregnation, e.g. Non-Com (Non-Combustible)  (termed non-combustible timber cladding / non-combustible cladding) Exterior Euro Class B, and European Class C / Fire X or Fire Pro from Osmose KooperSentrin PTG Treatment. We can also arrange for intumescent coatings on request such as Teknos TeknoSafe 2002-00; Teknosafe 2407-00, Teknosafe 2457-00; Teknosafe 2467-00, Envirograf S92 etc. This is more commonly specified to the old or local British Standard BS 476 Part 6 / Part 7 based on the Classifications such as Class 0 or Class 1 etc.

    • Our Products are either FSC or PEFC Certified and have a chain of custody (CoC) to show our commitment to using and supplying timber that is legal and sustainable. Moreover, this is in line with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the United Kingdom or Ireland Government Timber Procurement Policy (TPP).
    • We care for the environment and recycling this very evident in our production facilities where we manufacture by-products (e.g. briquettes, pellets) with our production wood waste (i.e sawdust and wood shavings), and some of this is also used in the wood biomass boilers to heat our offices and factories.
    • We are part of a reputable timber distributing European Organisation, ie. the  French Group Protac Ouest, subsidiary of Rose Group employing more than 100 employees
    About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

    Supplying timber to construction projects  e.g Siberian larch cladding

    Who we supply to:

    • Timber Importers, Distributors,
    • DIY Chains/ Stores,
    • Timber Merchants,
    • Joinery Companies,
    • Shed Manufacturers,
    • Holiday Home Manufacturers,
    • Construction Project Specific ( through Architects and Designers),
    • Chalets modular offsite construction, e.g. SIPS, CLT,
    • Landscapers,
    • Cladding and Timber Frame Contractors,
    • Garden Centres,
    • Government Projects and Departments – DEFRA
    • Builders merchants

    Our Products

    The softwood species we supply include Nordic Softwood (Nordic Spruce Whitewood- Picea Abies, Nordic Redwood Pine – Pinus Sylvestris, red deal) Scots pine and Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) Russian Larch. These are all slow grown hence denser and better quality for joinery or construction application use than local homegrown (UK and Ireland) similar faster-grown softwoods.

    Puidukoda supplies more than 300 different machined solid softwood stock profiles in the following:-

    About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

    Internal Painted Timber Cladding factory finished prefinished

    • About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

      Softwood Timber Garden Decking (deck boards)

      Planed softwood  Timber Decking treated/ tantalised, e.g. green, brown, (Nordic Spruce Whitewood- Picea Abies, Nordic Redwood Pine – Pinus Sylvestris, red deal) Scots pine

    • Planed Siberian Russian Larch  Timber Decking UV oiled,  ferrous sulphate (FeSO4) solution, Sikkens, Teknos painted



    • Planed Softwood Timber Flooring PTGV, T&G ( Tongue and Groove)  in Nordic Spruce Whitewood- Picea Abies, Nordic Redwood Pine – Pinus Sylvestris, red deal) Scots pine Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) Russian Larch


    • Planed or sawn Softwood Timber Cladding (lining, rainscreen, weatherboarding) for both internal and external
      About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

      External Painted Wood Cladding – Teknos Vaccum

      applications and factory finished, painted, oiled waxed) including louvres, brise soleil / Solar Shading in (Nordic Spruce Whitewood- Picea Abies, Nordic Redwood Pine – Pinus Sylvestris, red deal) Scots pine and Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) Russian Larch

    • Planed Square Edge (PSE) Softwood -Dressed All Round (DAR), Planed All Round (PAR), Planed All Over (PAO) in Nordic Spruce Whitewood- Picea Abies, Nordic Redwood Pine – Pinus Sylvestris, red deal) Scots pine and Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) Russian Larch or download 
    • CE Marked High-Quality Premium C24 strength graded softwood timber joists /structural timber carcassing regularised (reg) planed treated -Tanalised or untreated. We supply Ex-Stock up to 6.0mtr long, we can supply C16 on request, sizes based on BS EN336:2006 Structural Timber, BS EN 14081-1, BS 4978:2007+A2:2017 Visual strength grading of softwood. Specification, BS EN 1912 (BS 5268:2007, withdrawn replaced by BS EN 1995-1-

      1:2004+A2:2014) in Nordic Spruce Whitewood- Picea Abies or download more information.

      About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

      Siberian Larch Decking natural Puidukoda UK IE

    Apart from supplying machined softwoods.We are a market leader in the supply of speciality pre-painted cladding and decking profiles, i.e. prefinished. Timber products finished through processes such as priming, painting, waxing, oiling etc. Colour tones are available in a wide range of colours and stains e.g RAL / NCS colour references (solid opaque, semi-transparent translucent), wood stains ( UV Clear, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut, Ebony, Teak shade, Western Red Cedar shade, Mahogany, Weathered etc)

    Our factory prefinished, painted, primed products are a prefered choice as they have an enhanced look; improved durability moreover this helps speed up construction or joinery manufacturing time. Factory finished products are also used in applications where customers do not want the wood to naturally weather into an uneven silvery grey colour.

    Please visit our product videos page for more production, product and installation/fitting information/guidelines.

    In summary;

    We are ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certified and in a strong position of a leading specialist large-scale softwood machined quality timber products supplier. The species we supply include Siberian Larch, Redwood Pine/ Red Deal, Whitewood Spruce all from sustainable sources either FSC or PEFC Certified.


    About Us - Puidukoda UK & Ireland Puidukoda

    Timber Decking Sikkens vaccum coated

    Puidukoda UK and Ireland deliver throughout the United Kingdom covering England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, British Isles and Ireland.The solid timber product range we supply includes; fire retardant claddings (to Euro Class B or Euro Class C), painted cladding; treated and untreated or painted decking.We also supply planed or profiled joinery timber mouldings PAR, PSE, DAR, POA; Stress Strength graded construction premium timber C24 joists, Natural, waxed, painted or oiled softwood flooring as planed square edge or Tongue and  Groove (T&G; TGV).We are serving builders’ merchants, timber merchants, garden building and shed manufacturers, offsite, timber frame, modular, DIY Chains/ Shops, construction, Government and joinery sectors. Working closely with various specialities, e.g. Architects, Specifiers, designers for both building and landscaping.

    If you want to find out more or work with us please email:  sales@puidukoda.co.uk